Writing JSON Data using JsonWriter

This post explains how to write json data to a file using JsonWriter. With JsonWriter we dont need to build the entire object in memory. The code explains how to write the below json data [ { “id”: 1, “text”: “text1”, “array”: null }, { “id”: 2, “text”: “text2!”, “array”: [ 50.454722, -104.606667 ] }…… Continue reading Writing JSON Data using JsonWriter

Deserializing JSON to Java Object

In this post under Gson. I will show how to deserialize a JSON data back to Java object using Gson framework. For our example I will use the below json data. The json data contains employee information. employee.json {“id”:1,”name”:”employee1″,”ssn”:1234} The class structure of Employee is as shown below Employee class public class Employee { private…… Continue reading Deserializing JSON to Java Object