Spring Retry simple example (using annotation)

In this post under Spring Retry, I will explain how to configure Spring Retry framework into your application using annotation with simple example At minimum, you need the below jars in your classpath1) spring-retry-1.3.1.jar2) commons-logging-1.2.jar3) spring-core-4.3.22.RELEASE.jar4) spring-aop-4.3.22.REELEASE.jar5) spring-beans-4.3.22.RELEASE.jar6) spring-context-4.3.22.RELEASE.jar7) spring-expression-4.3.22.RELEASE.jar8) aspectjweaver-1.8.9.jar For the example I will use the below service class Service6 1 import org.springframework.retry.annotation.Retryable;…… Continue reading Spring Retry simple example (using annotation)