Combining two or more Function functional interface

In this post, I will explain how to combine Function functional interfaces. They are two ways in which we can combine Function functional interface and it is achieved using two methods in Function interface as mentioned below 1) default <V> Function<T,V> andThen(Function<? super R,? extends V> after) 2) default <V> Function<V,R> compose(Function<? super V,? extends…… Continue reading Combining two or more Function functional interface

Function functional interface

In this post, with an example I will show how to use Function functional interface. Function interface is a functional interface that takes an input and produces an output. This is achieved by its “apply” method. Below is an example Main Code 1 package function; 2 3 import java.util.ArrayList; 4 import java.util.List; 5 import java.util.function.Function;…… Continue reading Function functional interface

Combining two or more Consumer Functional Interface

In this post I will explain how to combine two or more Consumer Functional interface implementations. Consumer Functional interface has a default method “andThen”, which combines two Consumer Functional interface implementations. The method signature is as shown below default Consumer andThen(Consumer after) The way two Consumer implementations are combined using “andThen” method is as shown…… Continue reading Combining two or more Consumer Functional Interface

Consumer Functional Interface Example

Java 8 added a new functional interface named “Consumer”. The purpose of this interface is to consume/process the information received, it doesn’t return anything. I will be explaining using the below example. In the example I have list of employees whom I want to terminate. I will pass the list of employees to an implementation…… Continue reading Consumer Functional Interface Example

BiPredicate Simple Example

This post explains BiPredicate functional interface. BiPredicate is similar to Predicate functional interface except BiPredicate takes two arguments instead of one. In the below example we will filter list of Person entities based on first and last name. The predicate class name will be “NamePredicate”. NamePredicate package Function; import java.util.function.BiPredicate; public class NamePredicate implements BiPredicate…… Continue reading BiPredicate Simple Example