Creating a YAML file

The below post explains how to write YAML data to file using YAMLGenerator. YAMLGenerator writes the data to a file in streaming way, helping the developer using the api to avoid creating an object representation of the entire data. We can get an instance of YAMLGenerator with the help of an instance of YAMLFactory as…… Continue reading Creating a YAML file

Parsing a YAML file

In this post I will explain how to parse a YAML file using Jackson framework. We need the following jars in our classpath 1) jackson-dataformat-yaml-2.9.6.jar 2) snakeyaml-1.18.jar 3) jackson-annotations-2.9.0.jar 4) jackson-core-2.9.6.jar 5) jackson-databind-2.9.6.jar First we need to create an instance of YAMLFactory class. It is factory class used to create instance of YAMLParser (reader) and…… Continue reading Parsing a YAML file