Updating an existing json data

This post explain how we can update an existing json data stored in a file. For example purpose lets create a json file named jsondata1.txt with the following data jsondata1.txt { “firstName”:”John”, ”lastName”:”McClane”, ”age”:”28″, ”address”:{ “street”:”street1″, ”city”:”city1″, ”state”:”state1″, ”country”:”country1″, ”postalCode”:”12345″ }, “Phones”:[{“Mobile”:”111-111-1111″},{“Home”:”222-222-2222″}] } The code is as shown below package objectmodel; import java.io.FileReader; import java.io.FileWriter;…… Continue reading Updating an existing json data

How to write json data to a file

This post explains how to write json data to a file. We will store the below json structure in the file { “firstName”:”John”, ”lastName”:”McClane”, ”age”:”28″, ”address”:{ “street”:”street1″, ”city”:”city1″, ”state”:”state1″, ”country”:”country1″, ”postalCode”:”12345″ }, “Phones”:[{“Mobile”:”111-111-1111″},{“Home”:”222-222-2222″}] } Note: The output will not be formatted package objectmodel; import java.io.FileWriter; import javax.json.Json; import javax.json.JsonArrayBuilder; import javax.json.JsonBuilderFactory; import javax.json.JsonObject; import javax.json.JsonObjectBuilder;…… Continue reading How to write json data to a file