Simple JsonPatch Example

JsonPatch is a format for storing a sequence of operations that has to be applied on the target json structure. The following operations can be stored in JsonPath and operated on json structure 1) add 2) remove 3) replace 4) move 5) copy 6) test Java jdk provides api for creating JsonPatch. The post explains…… Continue reading Simple JsonPatch Example

Updating an existing json data

This post explain how we can update an existing json data stored in a file. For example purpose lets create a json file named jsondata1.txt with the following data jsondata1.txt { “firstName”:”John”, ”lastName”:”McClane”, ”age”:”28″, ”address”:{ “street”:”street1″, ”city”:”city1″, ”state”:”state1″, ”country”:”country1″, ”postalCode”:”12345″ }, “Phones”:[{“Mobile”:”111-111-1111″},{“Home”:”222-222-2222″}] } The code is as shown below package objectmodel; import; import;…… Continue reading Updating an existing json data

How to write json data to a file

This post explains how to write json data to a file. We will store the below json structure in the file { “firstName”:”John”, ”lastName”:”McClane”, ”age”:”28″, ”address”:{ “street”:”street1″, ”city”:”city1″, ”state”:”state1″, ”country”:”country1″, ”postalCode”:”12345″ }, “Phones”:[{“Mobile”:”111-111-1111″},{“Home”:”222-222-2222″}] } Note: The output will not be formatted package objectmodel; import; import javax.json.Json; import javax.json.JsonArrayBuilder; import javax.json.JsonBuilderFactory; import javax.json.JsonObject; import javax.json.JsonObjectBuilder;…… Continue reading How to write json data to a file

How to read a json file in java

Create a txt file named jsondata.txt with the below data { “firstName”: “Duke”, “lastName”: “Java”, “age”: 18, “streetAddress”: “100 Internet Dr”, “city”: “JavaTown”, “state”: “JA”, “postalCode”: “12345”, “phoneNumbers”: [ { “Mobile”: “111-111-1111” }, { “Home”: “222-222-2222” } ] } Below is the java code which will read the above text file Main Code package objectmodel;…… Continue reading How to read a json file in java