Getting all html elements in a document

In this post under Jsoup, I will show with example how to get a list of all html elements in a document.

Below is the main class

Main Class

1  import;
2  import;
3  import java.util.Iterator;
5  import org.jsoup.Jsoup;
6  import org.jsoup.nodes.Document;
7  import org.jsoup.nodes.Element;
8  import;
10 public class JsoupDemo4 {
11     public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
12         File file = new File("Input1.html");
13         Document document = Jsoup.parse(file, "UTF-8");
14         Elements elements = document.getAllElements();
15         Iterator<Element> iterator = elements.iterator();
16         while(iterator.hasNext()) {
17             Element element =;
18             System.out.println(element.nodeName());
19         }
20     }
21 }

As you can see in the above code, at line 13 we parse the html file using Jsoup’s static method “parse”. This method will return a Document object.

At line 14, we call “getAllElements” method on the Document object. This will return all the html elements used in the file.

In this way, we can get a list of all html elements used in the html file.

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